What Posts?

This is what I find the most interesting as a writer. Even though this blog is primarily for my own gratification, I still like to know what posts have resonated the most. Here’s the top 20 posts from the last year:

Screenshot 2014-10-08 20.10.56

The Wild Goose is the most popular mostly because it was featured in a list of blog posts on the Wild Goose Festival website. It was interesting that they picked this one out of the three I wrote about The Goose, but in retrospect it was the most “salesy” of the posts.

The second one was a surprise. I didn’t expect many people to read this one, so its popularity is likely due to the secrecy that is around most startup funding and exit events. Most people are uncomfortable talking about the deals and and the numbers, so I think this type of disclosure is rare and perhaps valuable so that people can better understand some of the math, risk, and returns that underlie our entrepreneurial ecosystem here in the US.

The third one was the most popular one until recently. It is the one where I discuss my feelings about a friend’s divorce. Divorce continues to be a deep mystery and a deep pain for me. Last night, I finished a autobiographical book by Phil Madeira where he, amongst many other things, discusses his first marriage and divorce, and once again all those convoluted, confused, and open-ended thoughts and feelings came spilling out. I’m not sure I want that to ever change.

The other noteworthy entry is my doppelgänger’s shout out. I’ve been haunted by my rock star namesake ever since elementary school. My first recollection of the controversy was at Boy Scout camp where another boy simply refused to believe that my name was Paul Stanley. It’s followed me ever since, and with their comeback tours and book publishing, the connection to Star Child refuses to die. One of the only benefits now seems to be with my blog. I see searches for Paul Stanley, Paul Stanley wife, Paul Stanley divorce, and other terms that can only be attributed to the famous Paul Stanley. I can only hope they aren’t terribly disappointed when they read my blog.



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