What Country?

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Here is another view of blog, this time categorized by country. It’s no surprise that the US is the main source of views and I can explain most of the other countries.

Australia is where the Weirs are, our good friends  from the Bay Area. They blazed the trail for us in so many ways, including kids and blogs, and they still share quite a bit with us through email.

Switzerland is where one of my managers from HP now lives. I also worked with her husband and we have a mutual admiration of lifestyles, so it is gratifying to stay in touch with folks who helped me out professionally and, perhaps unwittingly, personally.

Mexico I have no clue about, but Russia is where my good friend Larry is now working after giving up the balmy California breezes for the lovely Moscow winters. He’s doing some great work in an English language school there and enjoys teaching his students about baseball and other jewels from the American culture.


That’s all I can figure out without having city level data. Yet another reason why I need to host my own wordpress site and use Google Analytics.


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