It’s a New Year

And guess what? I want to go back to something I’ve done before. Blog.

I’ve been journaling almost daily for six months using dabbleme. Short, but regular entries triggered by an email. But they are intensely personal, so not applicable to public posting.

So I am going to try and post three public posts a week on this old blog.

Here’s my inspiration for today:

But the majority of my walks are very much alone. I love the solitude. Folks seem scared of solitude but solitude is a superpower when used well. Alone, in your basement, it breeds anomie, but out in the world, moving through the world, step after step, clear goal in mind, I’d argue that a solo walk during which you are engaged — paying attention, with your phone turned off, no headphones, no podcasts, no escape routes — is the quickest way to elevate a human. Basement solitude — isolated without serendipity, static, stagnant, stuck with your face in a screen, manipulated by the algorithms — is the death of the soul. The solo walk outdoors, in the air, beneath the sun, the rain, the snow, bumping into drunken horse betters, kind gardeners, farmers covered in blood, women beating mattresses at dusk, tractor trailer drivers leaning against their cabs for a smoke, is the opposite, the antipode, the physical palinode to basement solitude and the death of the mind and body.

If you’re outside, get off your stupid phone.

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