Beginning of Brag Season

You know why I hate most family blogs (and many Facebook pages)? Because they end up being brag sheets. It seems that in our success-driven culture, we have to start early with the positive reinforcements. Maybe parental pride also has something to do with it. And of course technology has made so easy to share, all we have to do is think about a child’s accomplishment and it is instantly communicated to all your friends and family.

I’m going to hate myself now, because this is a brag post. She attended an art camp this summer and I never shared some of her work. It’s typical kid art, but like most parents I see something that none of you will – brilliance. Using those wonderful parental rose-colored glasses, I see a bright future for my creative, expressive, and technically astute child.

2014-07-14 at 08-10-24 2014-07-14 at 08-10-44OK, I’ve got it out of my system and I’ll never do that again. I promise….


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  1. It’s OK to brag every once and awhile about our kids. I do think Evie has inherited Kymberlee’s creative genes and she does appear to have talent, even at her young age. It looks like she had a lot of fun during her summer art camp and the teacher looks like they tried to expose her to a variety of mediums and styles. Bravo Evie! 🙂

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