Summer and the Pool

You can survive in the South without a pool, just like you can survive in the jungle without a mosquito net. You’re alive, but it’s not very bloody fun.

We’ve spent quite a few days this summer enjoying chlorinated water, and looking through the pictures (taken on the rare occasion that there is a photographer who is not wet) reminds me that there is a simple joy to water on a hot day that transcends age.

Thanks to my creative and resourceful wife, we’ve had diving contests that included dives, cannonballs, twists, and the favorite, crazy jumps. The instigator and judge gave out awards for the best ones in each category. (click for slideshow)

Like dry land, in the water world I end up being a recreation device, even by my wife! It keeps me young(ish). (click for slideshow)

It has been wonderful sharing many of these moments with our extended family, yet another blessing of being close to Huntsville. (mouse for captions, click for slideshow)

My wife has done her best to make it a pleasant time for all, even showing some of that dance and gymnast grace! (mouse for captions, click for slideshow)

The best part may be the end of the day when the girl is tired.

2014-06-14 at 15-43-22

And I get all the hugs I want!

2014-06-14 at 15-32-52

Only two more weeks of pool time left for this year!

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