What California Ladies Want to Know About the South

Special guest today! This post is by someone very close to me who generated this list while sharing libations with a fellow California transplant.

California women in Nashville want to know:

  • Why cant I wear sundresses and rainbows flip-flops all year long? (Aka: What’s up with needing two closets for winter/summer?)
  • How come all the restaurants are bbqs?
  • What is a “meat and three”?
  • How come there are no sidewalks?
  • How much do I hate the humidity?
  • How come everybody is so nice, but they never call you back?
  • How do I scrape ice off my car windows?
  • How come all the grass turns brown in the winter? Don’t they water it?
  • What’s up with the chiggers and mosquitoes? I feel like I’m being hunted for meat.
  • Why are all the women mowing their own lawns with push mowers?
  • Why don’t they sell wine at Trader Joes?
  • Why does Trader Joes “run out” of food when the weather gets cold and it snows?
  • Why are lemons and avocados $2 each, when I had a tree in my backyard?
  • What the heck is chess pie, really?
  • Why do people throw piles of yard waste in their front yards by the curb? It looks like crap.
  • Did I mention how much I hate the humidity?
  • Where is the beach?
  • Why do we have to belong to pools, and why aren’t they open during the winter? Can’t they just heat it?
  • Why can’t they sell fresh berries and fruit at the farmers market? Why are there only squash and tomatoes?

And many more…

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