Losing Momentum

I have not made my goal of posting three times a week recently. I’ve felt this coming, and a part of me knew it would eventually come. In my traditionally thorough mindset, I’ve explored several reasons why.

The primary reason is that I hate being upstairs in my office during the summer. It’s hot upstairs and really decreases my desire to go and start writing. I’m also too lazy to bring my computer downstairs….

A secondary reason is that I feel like I’m in a rut. Ruts have depressive qualities to them, and they do not encourage outward communication. I feel trapped by my traditional life, my traditional job, and my seemingly traditional future. Gone are the plans to replace the motorcycle. Gone are the plans to take off a year and travel as a family. Gone is the next exciting startup that I’ll be part of. I’m sure there are many who will label this a mid-life crisis, and they are probably right.

One of the reasons for this blog is to provide digital breadcrumbs of my life. Along this vein, I also permit Google to track my location. Here is the results for the last 30 days.

Screenshot 2014-08-17 20.14.10

In comparative and relative terms, that is a small world for me.

Concentrating on the positives, I soldier on grateful for what I have. But it doesn’t make this rut go away.

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  1. God is in the ruts, too. ❤ A great book to companion with during this time: Falling Up by Richard Rohr. Or Immortal Diamond, same author.

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