Day one of 2800?

It all seems so anticlimactic. After 5 preschools in the last 3 years, adding the first Kindergarten day seemed like a repeat of other first days, just in a larger place. Evie even seemed nonplussed about it. Though it did take some wrangling, we all got ready on time and I had to admit she looked darned cute in her uniform and backpack.


We enjoyed a brief walk to the school from the local community center parking lot and arrived with the other hordes of parents and students. It did feel good to see several familiar faces this time, unlike all the other first days where it was a blur of strangers. The decision to have her go to her neighborhood school seems to be paying off in community richness. Having kids in the same school is a great magnet, and we look forward to deepening our roots here.

We like her teacher, Ms. Dukes, and she is an adherent of the “no fluorescent lighting” gang. We took some quick pictures and said goodbye, joined other parents in the library (oops, I mean media center…), and grabbed some free coffee and donuts. So much for day one. Now I start thinking ahead to day 2799 and rolling my wheelchair into the graduation ceremony!

IMG_8290 IMG_8291

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