I know, I’m not a teenager any more. I’m watching the world get older and I’m going right with it. Most of the time I do just fine adjusting to an older body, even though I still long for the soccer pitch and a good long run in the Redwoods.

But something is happening tomorrow that I just can’t adjust to. My best friend from high school, Ron Gonia, is having a triple bypass operation tomorrow. He’s a year younger than me and we just finished planning a river rafting bachelor vacation in September. So is this the new normal? Is our lives of adventure destined to be trying out the newest rocking chair on the front porch? No matter how much we’ve joked about being curmudgeons-in-training, it’s still hard to fathom that we are no longer destined for adrenaline together.

But this isn’t about us. It is about Ron. Please lift him up in thoughts and prayers for his surgery at 6:30am CT Tuesday.

He married Kymberlee and I and here is how we treated that solemn occasion. I want to be doing this again soon –¬†horsing around!

610290599 - Version 2

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  1. I remember seeing this picture — and thinking how fortunate to have your good friend marry you and Kymberlee. I am praying for him this evening — as well as the surgeons and techs at the hospital.

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