Why Voice Recognition Doesn’t Work

I received several calls on my birthday, few of which I was able to answer. But my faithful Google Voice voicemail kept a record of everything. However, its transcribing service (voice to text) doesn’t work well most of the time. And in one instance on the 12th, it was useful only as a humorous anecdote of voice recognition failure:

Happy Birthday. Bye and come over here one to home but being Thursday can viewing. I’m just so that the there. A. Please uncheck Jack’s happy staying here. Uncle call. Happy Birthday to you and we’ll try catch you. Hey birthday, so hope you guys are fairly well with the whether we’re stuck in the I. So let’s go out of town or thinking about you. Have a great year. Love You. I size.

It’s good at catching “birthday,” but that’s about it. I can only hope for the future.

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