When Practicality Trumps Romance

Marriage is a wonderful institution. Over time, repetition tends to blur lines that normally wouldn’t be crossed in romance. Convenience often has an overbearing pressure on creative romance. As example A, I give you my experience this morning in first-person narrative:

Yawn! Oh, it’s time to get up and go for my walk. Grumble. Creak (sound of my bones). Let’s see – put on walking pants, socks, shoes, fleece, jacket, hat, gloves. OK, now for the bathroom duties. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. Open door to bathroom. Do my business. See in the dim light (I typically don’t turn on any lights when I get up) something that looks out of place. Hmmm. On the top of the toilet is a card. Addressed to me. Ah, it’s Kymberlee’s Valentine Day card to me. Wait. Why did she leave it on the toilet? Stop the flow of potential reasons flooding my head so I can concentrate on functioning. Open the card and just overlook the fact that my Valentine left me a card on the toilet.

The wonder life of marriage goes on. And I love my wife! She figured out the one place that I wouldn’t be able to overlook her card in my early morning preparations.

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