I Love Bunny Fuzz

OK, this is yet another I’ve-kept-this-thing-for-so-long-it’s-cool story. But it probably isn’t even cool, just old.

I’ve had a pair of dress gloves for years. I can’t tell you how many, but at least 20. In California they were resigned to my spare motorcycle helmet, making the guest rider’s hands warmer and safer as they rode behind me in the 50 mph breeze. Kymberlee even admitted she loved that part of riding on my bike – her hands were always warm. They are warm because of that great non-technical invention of bunny fuzz. Yes, I wear gloves with dead cute bunny on the inside.

I only mention this because on days like today (low of 14) and tomorrow (high of 20?), I actually wear gloves in my car. And I love my bunny fuzz because they keep my hands warm. So you tell me – cool or just old?


Categories: Memories

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