Something We Don’t Have to Worry About Any More

Something We Don’t Have to Worry About Any More

Click on the link above for a great comparison satellite view of the snowpack in California, 2013 vs. 2014. Be sure and use the “View Image Comparison” button. Yes, California has a beach. But I don’t miss the water issues that are only going to get worse in the western half of our nation. We had drip irrigation for our shrubs (and even our lawn!), only went to car washes that recycled their water, and had all the requisite low-flow shower heads and toilets that still left us with a $100 water bill each month. Something has to give and I’m glad I don’t have to deal with it anymore.

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  1. I so wish we lived nearby so I could come try some of your gourmet coffees. Congratulations on your new hobby/addiction! 🙂 Kim in H.B., CA

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