What’s Wrong With This Picture?

2014-01-26 15.26.07

Taken yesterday (Sunday), it was a balmy 64 degrees in January so we took advantage of “porch weather” to, that’s right, use the back porch. Bathed in winter sunlight and caressed by a warm south breeze, we played yet another highly suspenseful game of Connect 4.

Why is this wrong? It was 18 freakin’ degrees when I got out of bed that morning at 7:30. Here’s the proof, courtesy of my trusty outdoor thermometer that records the high and low from the last 12 hours (sorry about the blurry cam).

2014-01-26 16.43.50

And it will be 11 degrees tonight. So now another day goes by when I stop trying to understand the physics of heated air masses, sunlight, moisture, and cold fronts. Fifty degree swings in less than a day? Why worry? Just never pack away your parka or your swim suit.

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