Another Freakin’ Nashville Love Story

Sheesh. I’m getting tired of posting about articles that profess Nashville-love. But yet again, Nashville shows up on a rather impressive list.

At the beginning of a year, The New York Times suggests places to visit around the world. This year, they had 52 entries and Nashville was #16. And even better, when a NYT education blog chooses only 4 of them to feature, there is Nashville, right along side Dubai, Ecuador and Downtown LA. Huh? I can just imagine a student creating an around-the-world airline ticket that goes NYC, Quito, Dubai, LA, Nashville, NYC. Or maybe not.

What’s ironic about this list being published today is that I had just decided I was going to start posting about what I miss about the Bay Area. I’ve been here long enough that I can now write about positive aspects of the Bay Area without worrying about sabotaging my happiness. So stay tuned for less Nashville-love and more California-love.

Screenshot 2014-01-15 11.31.34

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