The Desire to Figure Me Out

It seems there is a trend these days. Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, DISC, True Colors. Everyone is trying to figure me out. Schools. Employers. Wife. Friends.

While I understand why they exist and acknowledge that they have value, they frustrate me. Taking the tests frustrates me. All because they want to fit me into a box and I don’t like boxes. Even the instructions frustrate me:

“Select how your personality is, as compared to most people.
Think of how you’ve been over a long period of time, try not to go by your mood of the moment.
It’s also important to be as honest as possible; try not to enter how you wish you’d be, but how you actually are.”

A long period of time? Are you kidding me? I have a hard time remembering what I was like a year ago, never mind 10 years ago. I want to change, to challenge myself to grow, to find another area that I can work on. I don’t think this is self-delusion, as I remember a friend telling my wife when we were dating that “Paul is very trainable.” Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing is debatable….

I’ve taken Myers-Briggs multiple times and what I’ve noticed is that it changes. Well, all except the J. I’m a very strong J. Everything else I’m near the middle and could go either way depending on the context, energy, phase of the moon, etc.

So during our Weekend Getaway, many guesses were made as to were I was on the Enneagram. They threw around numbers like a Bingo! game. He’s a 9, no, a 6, no, I think he’s a 1. So I want to put the question to rest:


Start a debate about your enneagram type with your friends and enemies here.

And don’t forget the less serious side of personality tests:

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  1. The point of the Enneagram (or any personality test, I suppose) is to become more aware of our patterns so that we can be aware of other options available to us in any given moment and decide in that moment which option is the “best” one (whatever the heck that means). It is precisely for growth and change, not for pigeon-holing. Though, admittedly, that is what many folks do with it, both to others and to themselves. Hope you’re able to sleep better now that you have a direction. 😉

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