Auburn fan

No, this isn’t a post on college football. It’s not even a post about a town in Alabama. But it does have to do with colors.

I had a crappy day at work today. Not the worst day, but just a perfect storm of all my frustrations coming to a head on the same day. When I get to my car, I look out on what I remember seeing so many times growing up here in the south. The auburn twilight.

Now, to be sure, I saw many great sunsets on the west coast. But the norm there is a sun setting into a fog bank. For some reason, these southern auburn twilights give me a sense of peace, a subtle yet incredibly beautiful piece of nature art to bless the end of a day. So for a moment, I forgot about my day and reflected on that beauty. I eventually had to get in my car and fight a traffic jam on the way home, but even now just looking at the picture reminds me that beauty is all around us every day.


Categories: Deep Thoughts

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