Fairy Tears

I'm writing what I call a pre-emptive post. I have a busy weekend coming up, with our daughter's school putting on their annual Elves Faire on Saturday. What that really means is that Kymberlee and I will be volunteering most of the day. If you come and want popcorn, make sure and stop by the popcorn machine as it will be manned by a Stanley (family heritage at play here) until around 2:00pm.

And there's the sleepover tonight, the same night Kymberlee is off on a girl's night out. So I'll have two girls to take care of by myself! 

Sunday, I head off to Boston for a conference until Wednesday.

So starting around lunch today, I'm in a sprint until Wednesday night. Which is why I need to do some pre-emptive posts! But it's all for the girls.

2013-11-03 13.57.54

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