The post I should have written yesterday

I was speaking at a Mobile conference in Cincinnati yesterday. Eight hours of driving and 4 hours at the conference.

I spoke on Engaging your Mobile Audiences. Boring to most, but I have a passion around mobile and being around other mobile folks always gets my brain going.

My thought out of the conference was that mobile is going away. It is, instead, the first wave of interfaces to content and functionality that is far more personal and convenient than the desktop/laptop convention we lived with for thirty years. We will start to see far more interfaces, like google glass, smart watches, connected cars, and even implants that will provide even more personal, convenient, and delightful ways of interacting with our digital world and in some cases, our analog world.

I love my job and I love thinking about the future.

But I am bummed I missed trick or treating with my girl! Go Spider Girl!


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