On Motorcycles and Men

Yes, I ride motorcycles. And yes, I have a family.

It was a package deal that my bride bought back in 2006. (1) Man + (1) Motorcycle. After going through a procession of women who wouldn't let me buy one (mother, 1st wife), I made sure that there would be no negotiation regarding my passion for riding on two wheels. 

The first crack in the armour came when we left California for Nashville. I'd knew for some time that I didn't need the large, long-distance sports/touring machine I had owned for 13 years. So it was much easier to justify selling it 1) in California where the market is largest, 2) in the Spring when everyone is looking for a new ride and 3) before we moved so we didn't spend $$ moving a bike that was no longer right for me. So I sold it and have lived without a motorcycle for a year and a half now.

The second crack in the armour has been developing over the last month. We recently sold our Eurovan Weekender (the pop-top version) which was my vehicle dose of adventure in lieu of a motorcycle. So now I had nothing in my life that didn't represent a family-based decision. I moped around for a few days during which my wonderful wife told me I should buy a motorcycle to feel better. And I looked. And looked. And thought. And looked.

I didn't buy one. And today, with the help of an old Bay Area friend (yes, you Tim), I was reminded one more time that motorcycles are work. They require more care than a car and in a moment of momentary clarity, I decided that my need for a simpler life outweighed my need for a motorcycle. Yes, I can hear my mom rejoicing now.

I'll have another one some day. Maybe it will be one of those all-electric Zero motorcycles built in the Bay Area. The CEO, Richard Walker is a coworker from my HP days and I can always dream that he'll donate a ride for PR purposes here in Nashville. Maybe it will be a used Zero motorcycle in 15 years when the latest technology will be fusion powered. Or maybe it will be a Ural with a sidecar for my little girl.

Who knows. All I can say now is that for now I just don't need another "thing" in my life. My house, yard, and two cars are enough to take care of and still leave time for my wife and daughter. Oh, and time for me, too.

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  1. Hondas and Yamahas are no more work than a car!
    Electric motorcycles miss the whole point as far as I’m concerned (and having seen the local Monterey cops on a zero cop bike – I assume it was some sort of demo/trial – I can only say one thing – DON’T DO IT!)

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