The Value of Time Passed

We live in a time driven world. Because of that, it’s easy to lament the passing of time. But getting older (no, not old) gives me a better perspective on time passed, because it accumulates. 

We had an impromptu dinner tonight over at a friends house whose known me for over 20 years. In all the networking and friend making that we’ve both done here in Nashville, there is something very satisfying about spending time with someone who knows you longer than a year. Someone who has seen the good times and the bad times. Someone who has seen the changes and in some cases encouraged the changes. And even if we don’t talk about the past, it’s there in all its accumulated glory, providing a base from which friendship can launch into new territories.

Kymberlee and I are almost at 7 years, and the accumulated past is starting to be valuable as we become closer and more unified in purpose and habits. I can feel the richness oozing from our shared history.

All this makes me wary of old age when friends and family pass on. There will always be new friends, but no one who’s known you for 20 years. Maybe I should pass on first? Naw, that’s just not in my DNA.

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