Yes, it’s late

OK, I blew it. Not even 5 days into it. But I have an excuse.

It seems typepad has not kept up with technology. Why on earth does the compose feature on their website not work on a tablet? The past two days were filed by email. Which sucks. So until I find the time to some research, I may not make every day as there are many days when I get home from work and do not want to spend more time in front of a PC. 

Today is my girl's 5th birthday. I promise myself almost every day to slow down and spend time with her. The house improvements are taking a toll in my free time, but my parents came up again this weekend and supercharged our painting schedule! Only three windows left out of 14, so the end is in sight. What an incredible gift to us and it has taken a huge weight off my shoulders. There is still much to do, but now it seems much more manageable which makes it much easier for me to spend time with my little girl in my attempt to slow time down as much as possible!

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