Healthcare in America

I’m not a fan. Too many people with too little information, all wanting more tests and info so they can pass me on to the next person.
I’ve had a growing mass under my chin for over 3 weeks now. I’ve seen 4 doctors, received two shots, one ultrasound, one X-ray, one prescription and 4 health history forms. I’ve had to follow up out of my own initiative with every Dr so far. Where is the patient advocate? Why is the system built around tests and conservative guesses? Even though I know the answer to most of those questions, it still pisses me off that the healthcare deck is stacked against efficiency from the patient’s time or money perspective.

As I get older, I’ll have to deal with this more and more. I can only hope that ACA will provide the impetus to make more radical changes than the current system is willing to make. I’m a firm believer that a combination of legislation and competition will produce a much better ecosystem. I just hope it happens sooner than later.

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