A Locked Door

So much happened today. Evie celebrated her 5th birthday at a farm with pumpkins, hay rides, petting zoo, corn maze and a great big elm tree with a picnic table underneath it. Good times. My sister showed up with 12 of her kids, so it was also a bit of a reunion. Afterwards all the cousins came to our house and we enjoyed showing all of them, even Uncle Eric, our house and neighborhood. 

And while I could wax poetically about kids, growing up, and family, what stole the day was an event that will live in family lore for a long time.

I'll cut to the chase: my wife got locked in our bathroom today. The bathroom with no window. The bathroom with no gap under the door. After 5 minutes of jiggling, it came down to whether she could, with the implements in the bathroom, get the hinge pins out. 

So in the spirit of McGyver (and her husband), she proceeds to beat the hinge pins out with a hair brush! I then pryed the door off the hinges and she was finally free. And in the words of our punny cousins, she was pooped….

The 100 year old mortise lock is now cleaned, oiled, and ready for the next 100 years but I imagine it will take some time before Kymberlee (or any other family member) locks the bathroom door!

Categories: Family, Fun, House

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