Color Therapy

We're sitting in Torrey, UT, enjoying a motel stay due to the rain/snow today. We've had two 2012_0311_06-31-58 incredible days of Southern Utah canyonlands, including Bryce and Grand Staircase Escalante Parks. Towards the end of the day, we realized that we are literally having color therapy, with each new vista allowing our eyes to dance to 2012_0311_13-18-40 (1)the tune of a new color combination. A far cry from the urban canyons we're used to, we find ourselves calming down internally – just what the doctor ordered. 


Tonight during dinner, we watched a never ending kaleidoscope of color as the 2012_0311_16-58-46 storm clouds gave us sun, shade, and rainbows across the magnificent backdrop of the Capitol Reef and the Henry Mountains. It just doesn't get better than this. For you trivia buffs, the Henry Mountains were the last area in the lower 48 2012_0311_18-17-30states to be surveyed and explored. 

Upon returning to our room, we realized that our view was equally stunning from our bed. Top this anywhere in the world for $50/night!  2012_0311_18-21-20

We enjoyed our time in Ely where we met up with Teena (Kymberlee's mom). We stayed in the Nevada Hotel, at one point the tallest fireproof (all brick) building in Nevada. 2012_0309_18-03-04Teena and Kymberlee got their money's worth from the slots, while Paul did his best to give it back. We performed the solemn bonsai transfer ceremony early in the morning and bid it farewell to its new home in Idaho with Teena. Kymberlee is still trying new configurations with the newfound space in our van, and Paul is enjoying being able to actually see in the rear view mirror.

Our van is doing great so far, even getting us over the 9600 ft. pass this afternoon in some snow. We're getting around 20 MPG, so we're stoked. Now we just need to figure out how to fit our water bottles in a vehicle that wasn't designed for Big Gulps. It also has the curious trait of not having a glove box. 

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  1. Hi Guys – Loved the color therapy insight. Too think, I actually paid for color therapy many years ago. I found it an enlightening experience, but wonderful to know you can get it for free in nature. This is an amazing transition period for you both. Wish we were there! I was just updating the flyer for the next WACA meeting, so Kymberlee, rest assured, we will keep this effort alive and kicking!

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