Evie + Leo

As you might be wondering, I’m catching up on my posts. Even though the sharp memories have faded, we spent a fall afternoon in the company of our future son-in-law. At least that what we keep hearing from Evie and Leo. Best buds since pre-school, they still talk about getting married. So we decided to visit his family one lovely Saturday and enjoy some countryside hospitality. Their house is near an abandoned golf course, damaged in the 2010 floods and just never recovered.

2014-11-22 at 13-40-59

The small blue line in the picture turned into a raging torrent that covered the whole course and damaged the clubhouse. But the loss of the golf course is a gain for those of us lucky to be walking around on this fine fall day.

It was a joy to watch the kids alternate exploring, sword play, and running as only 6 yr olds can do. The two dogs helped with all three activities and the adults just enjoyed the stroll and watching bald eagles chase the sun towards the horizon.

It was even warm enough to enjoy some muffins on the porch when we returned!

2014-11-22 at 14-51-12
We also spent another day with them closer to Christmas at Cheekwood, our local botanical garden. Commonly used for wedding pictures, we decided to get a jump on the wedding tasks and took their engagement picture. Which one do you think is best? (Click for larger view)

We’ll keep you updated on the plans and hope to have a “save the date” date soon!

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