What Parents Do When Their Kids Aren’t Around

During our recent staycation due to Evie being down in Huntsville, we had opportunities that seemed strange to us. We took long walks and entertained ourselves by wearing icicle beards.

2015-02-17 14.47.08

We went to the local coffee shop and enjoyed some time of conversation and reflection.

2015-02-22 12.24.31

We did crazy, spontaneous things like sledding down a hill with neighbors.

2015-02-20 17.38.25

And we even got to go to a new restaurant after church that wasn’t kid friendly!

2015-02-22 12.22.38

But, like most parents, we started wondering what we used to do with all our spare time. We also realized that we missed our girl. So we were glad when Sunday evening came around and life was back to “normal!”

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