Revenge of the Snuggies

We all know of them. The denizens of the late night paid advertising shows. That awesome combination of blanket and bathrobe, the immortal Snuggie™. As with most advertorial content, the Snuggie had its day in the sun and was the butt of many a joke. However, just when you think they are dead and gone, they resurrect themselves.

What is even worse is that they have penetrated my fortress. My defenses, once strong and mighty against the TV advertising world, have crumbled with a new force – a six year old. So if you combine advertising for children and a family rule that you can spend your Christmas money on anything, what do you get? Snuggies for kids.

2015-01-07 at 18-47-48

Oh sure, they call them Bright Eyes, make the eyes and ears glow in the dark, then create cute advertising on children’s TV, but in the end they are Snuggies. So against my most hallowed beliefs and my most precious standards, I have a Snuggie in my household. Not only that, but it is now Evie’s favorite thing. “Can I wear my Bright Eyes to church?” she asks. “Over my dead body” is the thought that goes through my head.

So there you have it. Years of principled living destroyed by one freakin’ pink Snuggie. Being a parent isn’t easy for the soul. It’s a good thing they make kids so darn cute.

2015-01-07 at 18-49-24

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  1. It’s amazing how many things I swore I’d never do or buy went out the door when our kids came. Our kids did fall victim to the snuggie craze a few years ago, but there is hope, they are now cured of their snuggie addiction and feel exactly like me, they wouldn’t be caught dead using one. This to shall pass! Evie sure does look cute in it and I can see why it appeals to her. 🙂

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