Nerdwax Is Real!

2014-09-22 18.26.03

I’m a proud sponsor of their kickstarter project. A Nashville company, I mentioned it back in April and have been anxiously awaiting the release to see if it really does help keep my glasses from slipping down my nose. They finally shipped out their first major production run, and I’ve been trying it out for the last two days. I have to give it glowing reviews to justify my investment, so yes, it works great! OK, from an unbiased perspective I would have to say it still works great. My glasses survived my brisk exercise this morning, not sliding down my nose until the last burst home where my sweat eventually overwhelmed the product.

I’m cautiously optimistic, though the timing of delivery right when the hot and humid days are over will make tests incomplete until next year. Intrigued on whether it will help you keep your glasses up? Check out more at their website.

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