Photo Traditions

I think traditions are important for children. I think traditions with children are important for parents. I’ve read about fathers that have had a picture taken with their daughter at the same place for many years. There’s even that amazing video that shows a daughter growing up before your eyes. Moving around quite a bit makes this hard, but we do have a great series going at theĀ Grandma Hill and Gramps ranch in Idaho.

But I want my own. And I have my own, I’m just not sure how long I’ll be able to do it. We celebrated our third Tennessee State Fair in September, and it felt weird to have done the same thing for three years in a row in Nashville. It does make us feel more grounded and stable, but it’s still hard to call this home.

The first year we went with Grandma and Grandpa Stanley. They took this great shot of me and Evie on the carousel that now sits proudly on my desk.

2012_0915_13-53-51It was so inspiring that I had to try it again next year when we went some new neighborhood friends.


So I decided this year that it would have to be an annual tradition.

2014-09-14 at 13-29-05

I hope she always feels young enough to ride the carousel with her dad!


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  1. Beautiful! I hope to develop a tradition like this with my kids. Moving around makes it tricky. The last line got me… tears, real ones. I hope she does, too.

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