Van Krakowiak

I don’t see my godson that often, but I definitely see him more often now that I’m only 4 hours away. He is one of those wildly intelligent and caring kids that enjoys doing things differently. We spent some time with his mom at a local park during my last visit and I marveled at his curiosity with the natural world. It was Spring, so there was still ample water around and he did what I would have done when I was his age: play in it.

2014-05-17 at 17-38-54

Mud is a natural therapy for boys, and he enjoyed smushing, patting, forming, digging, and filling for almost 30 minutes.

When he was done, he then enjoyed pretending he was a zombie, the Hulk, or just a boy with muddy hands.

2014-05-17 at 17-31-41

Then he played around with the mud dripping off his hands and arms which just made him go back and load up again.

2014-05-17 at 17-33-44

We did have to go and wash up before getting into the car, but it was a worthy afternoon for boys and men that still remember being boys. Thanks Van!

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