Home Alone – Day 6

I wasn’t going to write this tonight. My projects and the oppressive heat had taken all that I had and more. I needed a good down night.

Today was one of those days that you think the air is going to explode. 100 degrees, almost 100% humidity. I didn’t just walk outside to the garage, I cut and swam through the solidifying air. I kept expecting a good thunderstorm to come along, but it didn’t.

The cruel irony is that when Kymberlee, who is on Catalina Island, called me in the afternoon it was because they were having a thunderstorm there. In Southern California. In the summer. They make songs about it never raining there! She asked around and they said it hadn’t rained like that in three years. They don’t even sell umbrellas on the island, so everyone was making do with trash bags.

I kept checking the Nashville weather hoping to see growing clouds, but it still only said a 20% chance of rain today, so I tucked my hopes into a deep pocket and just concentrated on doing things inside, even though it was so hot our upstairs air conditioner couldn’t cool below 80.

I finished up and headed downstairs for dinner, but as I sat eating my popcorn and watching 42 (great story but lousy movie), I noticed flashes outside.

I paused the movie, grabbed Doodle for a walk and proceeded to stroll through the surround sound-and-light show that precedes a great evening thunderstorm.

I stopped at one point and just laid down on the road (thank goodness our street doesn’t get much traffic) and just watched the lightning show throw bolts across the sky and into the clouds all around me. There was no wind or rain, just the sound of the thunder to accompany the lights. All was good and suddenly I felt alive, awake, and rejoicing that I’m in a place that has these free shows frequently. Doodle was very confused, wondering why I was laying down on asphalt, and he nervously circled me until I heard the approaching big, fat, hairy raindrops that announce the coming of a good storm. We walked back to the house with more spring to our steps and enjoyed watching the deluge from our front porch. Great evening, but I’m starting to miss my girls too much to enjoy it completely. Two more days….

Oh, I almost forgot – every single one of our doors now close and latch. Successful weekend!

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  1. Tucked your hopes into a deep pocket — so eloquent. However, you’re out laying in the street. It’s time for Kymberlee to come home.

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