Full Moon Pickin’ Party

There are advantages to being in Nashville. Take Warner Park. It is a very large urban park that is home to hiking trails, paved roads for bicyclists, picnic pavilions, horse stables, and a golf course. It is also home to seasonal events such as the Iroquois Steeple Chase, hopefully the subject of a future blog.

It is also home to the Full Moon Pickin’ Party. San Francisco may have its Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in Golden Gate Park, but it pales in enjoyment compared to the FMPP. Put on once a month (closest Friday to the full moon), it is a riot of bluegrass music that is hard to describe. Yes, there is a stage, but it seems to be the minor act because all over the grounds of the equestrian center are circles of musicians just playing, picking, singing, and dancing.2014-06-13 at 19-40-37

The non-musicians just wander around and get to watch and listen to all these amazing artists play incredible music for simply the joy of playing. There are all sorts of unwritten rules, such as taking turns choosing the song, when to play an instrumental solo, and how to enter a circle, but it is all very mellow and sublime with the dynamics shifting from group to group throughout the night.

Families are there with their kids, who are simply kicking up their heels in the boundless joy that only exists when kids dance. Food trucks are happy to take care of your hunger, and the admission price ($15 without instrument, $10 with an instrument) includes 4 beers! Needless to say, if you drink beer it is the cheapest out-of-home way to drink.

The equestrian center is a beautiful backdrop, and of course the full moon adds that perfect piece of ambience as it rises during the evening. There were a few misty clouds this night, but you could still feel the rays of blue moon light penetrate the night.

2014-06-13 at 21-11-18It all winds down and a respectable hour and everyone starts heading for their cars. The lights slowly go out and all that is left is the dewy grass and the fireflies. The perfect summer date night.

Maybe next time we’ll bring our guitars!


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  1. That looks like so much fun. Sounds like you guys landed in just the right place. I love following your blog and keeping an eye on you. Love you.

  2. Was going to ask if you took your guitars!! You sure are finding all the unusual spots to visit in Nashville!!

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