Family Matters

While in the SoCal desert, Kymberlee’s brother Brandon joined us and we took the opportunity to go see Auntie Fran. Though she is well into her nineties, she always remembers birthdays and Christmas with cards and a small gift of money. She lives in Palm Springs a few doors down from her daughter, but still lives alone at 94. She is as sweet as she looks and is always glad to see you, spend time talking with you, and of course play cards with you.

It’s hard being this far from Kymberlee’s family, so we were very glad that Evie got to spend time with her and we hope the memory sticks. We love you Auntie Fran! Family matters indeed.

(mouse over for captions, click for slideshow)

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  1. looks like you had a great time out west. good pictures of Fran and of Jack too. I must say though that I’ve never been called a “fried” before. Usually it begins with a Zig. I’m actually going to change my name to Lyn very soon.

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