Desert Fishing

While we were in Southern California, we had an opportunity to visit Grandpa Hill and Grandma Beth out in Palm Desert. We were greeted with beautiful blue skies and highs in the 100s. What do you do in the desert during the summer? Fish!

Grandpa Hill had a great time taking Evie to catch her first fish using a pole, and of course Kymberlee and I joined in as well.

It began with Evie driving us to the fishing lake. Yep, she is a precocious driver!

Like all Grandpas, he has many secrets. One of which is that the local fish like hotdogs. That’s right, hot dogs. So we start off by doing the bait prep. Better than worms or crickets!


Then came the fish catching orgy. Evie caught her first fish. Her second fish. Her third fish. Heck, we stopped counting though the number seems to grow every time the story is told. I think the latest I heard was 12 fish. Kymberlee even got in the action and I worked through my years of frustration to once again try to catch a fresh-water fish. I was not denied! Catfish, Bass, Crappie, and Bluegill, no fish could evade us for those glorious 60 minutes in the hot sun. Now the only problem is that Evie wants to go fishing again and her dad is not a fisherman. Any volunteers?

(Mouse over for captions, Click for slideshow)

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