The Perfect Weekend?

Well, not quite, but it goes down in our family lore as an epic weekend. First, it was one of those Spring weekends where the sky is blue, the air is warm, the trees still have their light green leaves on display, and the bugs haven’t arrived. Almost like California!

We headed off with another couple to a cabin at Rock Island State Park. It is yet another park situated on the shelf of the Cumberland plateau, where waterfalls and canyons carve delicious landscapes out of the otherwise drab geography of middle Tennessee.

The cabin is nestled in a forest on top of a ridge which drops off precipitously to the river below. We get there as the sun is low in the sky and I spend time marveling at the serene beauty of the firepit and the forest around me.

2014-04-25 18.15.22

We did take full advantage of the fire pit both nights, enjoying good s’mores, good beer, and good conversation.


The days held beauty, adventure, water, sand, sun and fun. Who would have thought that so much would be available at one park. Rock Island rocks!

We saw beautiful butterflies (click for larger versions of all the following pictures)


We enjoyed playing on the rocks and trails

Water was everywhere. From cliff jumping (okay, maybe very small cliff jumping), to waterfalls and lazy rivers, we did our best to get wet.

We even spent some time on a real sandy beach. Completely natural!

And of course plenty of fun and sun!

Two bonus shots:

Kymberlee made sure our cabin had sufficient Feng Shui by rearranging all the furniture.

2014-04-25 18.17.26

And we did get to see quite a bit of wildlife. Some even stayed still for a close up!


At the end of this weekend, I realized that California doesn’t have a monopoly on incredibly fun, incredibly adventurous, and incredibly beautiful weekends. We can’t wait to explore other corners of Tennessee!

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