Creek Keeps Getting Smaller

One of the reasons we love our neighborhood is how close it is to Richland Creek. A greenway runs along it, but since it is separated by trees and brush, few ever journey into it, content to walk/run/bike on the paved greenway.

I’ve already written about some of our times there and how it is special to both me and Evie. I get to enjoy a bit of nature and Evie gets to do what comes natural to kids and water – play.

Our first visit this year, over a month ago, was a beautiful day where the air temp was just warm enough to enjoy some cold feet. Evie proceeded to walk across the whole creek all by herself, without me holding her hand. As proud as I am of her, it made me realize that for her, the creek is getting smaller. Someday it will lose its appeal and she’ll be off to bigger and brighter things. But I sure hope she’ll still share the love of the creek with me.

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