When I’m 85

When I’m 85, will I

Remember this warm day in May?

Remember the camaraderie built over coffee with a neighbor that drives a 70’s Trans Am?

Remember the sweaty palm of my daughter as we walked, hand-in-hand, to dinner?

Remember the connectedness of friends that now know me more than a year at the weekly dinner at a neighborhood church?

Remember the excitement in Evie’s eyes when I tell her a neighbor opened their pool?

Remember the infinite joy of a kid’s first swim of the year, fully clothed and shivering with both delight and cold?

Remember the easy conversations while walking back home of three different neighbors about things that matter instead of sports?

Remember the feeling of a shivering cold girl swaddled in a warm towel and cuddling in my lap for warmth?

Remember the 100s of hugs given and received with my daughter as we relax on our back porch?

Remember the smell of magnolias filling the air as I walk Doodle, reminding me of the jasmine, the lilacs, and the honeysuckle seasons that have preceded it?

I hope so.

Categories: Deep Thoughts, Family

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  1. My goodness. The way you’ve written this almost makes me feel as if I’m there with you — which I wish I was!

  2. This made me smile ear to ear on this early gray morning! Thanks, Paul, for helping me remember the important things in life. (And can’t resist adding that I’ll bet you’ll at least remember them

    … and hopefully also 85!) (Hope this video clip works :-))

  3. You will remember EVERY moment with your precious daughter…..and more!! Those memories will keep you going and bring smiles to your face, and joy to your heart!!

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