Overlapping Worlds

I usually try to keep my personal and business worlds separate, but often find it harder in theory than in practice. I’m passionate about my job and my field, so I think it’s natural for some overlap.

One of the reasons that I’m blogging personally is to develop my writing ability. I write almost daily in my job, so I think it is imperative that I continue to improve my clarity, grammar, and flow. One of the results of this work is my first blog post for my company, Mercury. It discusses how TED ensures their ideas are spread to the largest audience possible, regardless of location or language. It was posted today and you can read it here.


I love that one of the screenshots features a Brene Brown video. Kymberlee and I recently discovered her research and her talks on shame and vulnerability. We’ve enjoyed it so much, we’re using her latest book, Daring Greatly, in our home group. If you’re interested, here’s the links to her two most popular talks:





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