Tulips and Teenagers

People are often telling me to enjoy my daughter before she becomes a teenager. Something about hormones, boys, makeup, and knowing-it-all. I’d like to think that this won’t happen to me, that my daughter will instead become more like her cousins.

We had a chance to host three of our teenage nieces along with my sister Donna, so we got a good immersion into the teenage world. They all had recent birthdays, so their treat was to make a trip up to our neck of the woods for a big(ger) city experience. They explored a bit of Nashville, ranging from Lower Broadway on a late Friday night (not the best idea) to a ballet performance at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens on a beautiful Saturday (better idea). We also managed to drag them to a few antique stores so that their Mom and Kymberlee could enjoy a bit of retail therapy.

We ended the day at that famous Nashville institution, Bobbie’s Dairy Dip. In business since 1951, I’m sure it has seen its fair share of teenage girls over the years. Ice cream never goes out of teenage style.

In between all these jaunts, they hung around the house, sleeping late, climbing trees, bouncing on the trampoline, and swinging on the front porch swing. It was an enjoyable visit cut too short. We look forward to hosting them again!

Enjoy the gallery of glimpses into my future….

Be sure and click to get to the full-sized slideshow.

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