It Takes a Village

To cure a hangover.

But we have to start at the beginning. The second Friday Night Beer Club was the first village moment of the weekend. We welcomed a new Nashvillian to the group and some local brews, with Saison being the theme for the night. Courtesy of yet another craft tap here in Nashville, Hops and Crafts, we had a growler comparison between New Holland’s (Michigan) Monkey King (link) and Tennessee Brew Works Basil Ryman (link). I’m happy to report that the Tennessee Ale was hands down the favorite Saison style beer of the night.

2014-04-05 17.54.50


Our newest FNBCer happens to work for a local moonshine company. Yes, you read that right. American Born Moonshine is trying to make a market out of legal moonshine, and he brought his product to share. So for a beer group, we now had a more potent drink that I will use as a convenient excuse for my mild hangover Saturday morning.

So what do I do when I have a hangover? Avoid people and work really hard. In this case, it meant digging a 3 ft. deep and 3 ft. wide hole for our new tree. I had dug this hole last weekend, but when the tree was delivered Friday, I heard echoes of Jaws – we’re going to need a bigger hole.

Hole was dug, 400 lb. tree was somehow rolled to the edge of the hole and levered in by yours truly. My shoulder is still complaining about it.

But the real problem was how to get it upright in the hole instead of a 30 degree angle. Cue the village. My neighbors showed up with teenaged boys and in less than five minutes had that tree pointed to the sky.

Zelkova Serrata

Hangover cured, tree in the ground, and the day still had daylight. Thanks to the village.

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