Why We Moved, #63

OK, some days it’s hard for me to accept that I’m in Nashville instead of California. And then some days it’s much easier. Two of my older nephews made a road trip to Nashville over spring break  and we were very happy to host them for a couple of days. Evie was excited as well and couldn’t stop talking about Daniel & Paul (that’s younger Paul vs. me, the older Paul. Little vs. big doesn’t work now that he’s bigger) after they left. The highlight was when Paul and Evie played chess together. Daniel was nice enough to capture it on video. Yet another moment that reminds me why we’re here.


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  1. This is definitely a LOUD laugh out loud. and I think Kymberlee was the one who taught me to do the obnoxious belly laugh- and that is what this video brought forth. Evie is such a smart little cookie!
    Paul, God is doing awesome things in you and your family. Yes, sometimes we fight the reality of our life because it might not be as we planned, but than we open our eyes in acceptance and realize it could not be any sweeter any other way. So excited for all God is doing for your family!!!!

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