My New Home!

Welcome to the new home of my blog. After many frustrations with the free Typepad platform, especially around comments, I’m moving to WordPress.

I considered Tumblr, but since it had no way to import my posts from my Typepad blog, I instead went with WordPress. Still using a free version, but hopefully this will make it easier for people to comment on my posts. 

The old blog will continue to exist until Typepad deletes it (hopefully forever, but nothing is forever in the digital world). I’ve copied all the posts to the WordPress blog, but the pictures are still hosted on Typepad. Let me know what you think!

Categories: Technology

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  1. WOW! What an absolutely magnificent writer you are. Just spent the last hour catching up on the last 2 months of your life. Fascinating, thought provoking, emotional, you have a wonderful talent. Love ya man. Merry Christmas to an awesome family.

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