I Love Nashville

As part of my story and how I ended up in Nashville, the familiar words out of my mouth are "I voted with my feet." I think Nashville is an incredibly underrated city that is just starting to be discovered. Yes, it has its problems, but it has an asset that no town its size can match – music. This creative force is a driver in so much of the city. And despite its reputation, it is more than Country music. The nickname is Music City, USA, not Country Music City, USA. 

Despite the preponderance of grey-hair tours to the Grand Ole Opry, the city is starting to get recognition for its music diversity. Here's an article from Music Week about the trend: http://www.musicweek.com/news/read/nashville-much-bigger-than-sleepy-singing-about-mama-god-and-country

It is, unfortunately, a bit of a fluff piece that seems to be sourced from a recent video put out by the convention and visitor bureau. View it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yl1HpSS6qG8

Not everyone is happy with the changes. The TV show "Nashville" has started blurring the lines between music and showmanship. Read more here: The Real Stars of Nashville?

This theme of Nashville and music will regularly crop up in this blog. My first post on this subject was part of my 40 day project: http://taco.typepad.com/soujorns/2013/11/nashville-is-not-just-country-music.html  I promise not to repeat myself too much and I look forward to where Nashville goes from here!

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