Not Even Close

I admit it. I failed miserably on my goal to read a whole book over Thanksgiving. Maybe it was that I had two sets of parents around. Maybe it was helping replace a washing machine. But I don't have any good excuses other than I was too busy having great conversations with my family. Conversations should actually come first in my priority stack, so I don't have any regrets. The book, The Signature of All Things, is a great book so far. Full of people that are complex yet outcasts, learned but weak, adventurous yet disciplined, I'm loving it so far.

But this whole goal of reading a book during Thanksgiving did expose a weakness. I have always tended to be in a fix-it mode when visting my parents and my sister. I love fixing things, and years of being single yet capable led me to filling my time with fixing things that my sister or mom didn't have the time or the expertise to fix on their own. Given the chance between fixing something or talking with someone, I usually pick the former. So this trip I was faced with two needs from my sister: no internet through wifi and a bad shower valve. The wifi was easy and took me about 5 minutes to fix. The shower valve? We're talking cutting off water, cutting copper pipe, sweating the new copper pipe connections (something I have never done), and putting in the new valve and trim set. Given no major setback, probably 6-8 hours.

So I chose not to do it. For the book goal. But then I didn't even make much progress on the book, so I really chose people over a valve. It's a very weird transition for me, but I'm enjoy the new territory.

And speaking of my sister and why she is my hero, here's a clip from the local news station about their adoption and fostering heritage.

Kids and people are what life is all about. What a great Thanksgiving.

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