This Will be Harder

Posting three times a week is much harder for me. I'm a man of control and routine, not a man of random flashes of inspiration. That's why I wanted to blog for 40 days in a row – to create a routine. And now that I'm off the every day posting, I feel the discipline melting away. 

But speaking of discipline and other things that have gone by the wayside, let's talk about reading. I've always been a voracious reader, a blend of fiction and non-fiction. However, I've found myself in a serious rut of non-fiction and am trying desperately to get out of it. 

The problem is What to read? I haven't found other fiction readers here in Nashville to hand me down good books (like Jody did so well in the Bay Area), and I've started several books in the last year I couldn't finish because I couldn't get into the stories, like Dave Eggers A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

I even roamed a bookstore in Boston hoping for that good inspiration that comes from a nicely curated table of recommended fiction. Didn't happen.

However, I did see the latest novel from Elizabeth Gilbert, The Signature of All Things. Yes, I'm a Gilbert Fan, mostly from the first book I read of hers, The Last American Man. Brilliant book and love her storytelling armed with subtle yet vicious barbs. I also, without shame, am a fan of Eat, Pray, Love, mostly because I love reading about travel adventures and love stories. The fact that it is both (and more) made it a great read for me.

Once I got home from Boston, I did some searching on Amazon inspired by some books in Bill Gate's reading list. Once I read the reviews, I didn't think the fiction was for me. So what did Amazon suggest? Yep, the Gilbert book. So I did what Jeff Bezos set out make possible in 1996 – buy it by pressing a button. 

So now I have a new goal – to finish the book over Thanksgiving. It will be hard, but I'm getting used to that…



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  1. I hadn’t realized you were doing frequent blog posts! I’ll have to read back to catch up. I love hearing what’s going on with your family.
    Fiction: The Rosie Project, The Golem and Jinni
    Non-fiction: Five Days at Memorial
    We’re doing those for book club.

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