There is a God after all

My wife initially thought I didn't have style. Yep, showing up in my made-and-bought in Colombia jeans and my Keen sandals on the first date didn't do me any favors with her SoCal fashion sense. 

What she didn't know was that I was coming out of a three year period where I didn't have any money to spend on clothes and all I wore to work was construction clothing. This is a long way to say that in some ways I have a fashion problem. I like style. I like beauty. But I'm frugal.

Which is why, one and a half years after leaving the Bay Area, one the things I miss the most is Nordstrom Rack. It satisfies my style, my wallet, and my sense of adventure (nothing like a good hunt) and without having a Rack I've been reduced to cruising Gilt, HauteLook, and (gasp!) 

But I have to confess I've still made my pilgrimages. I visited my home store in East Palo Alto last Spring when I went back for a friend's wedding. I felt guilty making the time for material purchases instead of catching up with one more Bay Area friend. But I did it.

Last Fall, I traveled to Denver for a conference. I was forced to a hotel a bit far from the Convention Center, but what was directly across the street? That's right, a Nordstrom Rack. And of course I had to find the time to go (thankfully it was open until 9pm). It must have been ordained.

Last week, I was in Boston and for some reason searched for Nordstrom Rack Boston. And believe it or not, the only one in town was three blocks away from the hotel. Taking this as a sign from God, I made yet another pilgrimage, albeit in 20 degree weather with a 15 mph wind in only a suit jacket. But some sacrifices have to be made to pay tribute to the God of style.

Then tonight, I had a vision. There, in plain type on my screen, was the words that made my heart leap: Nordstrom Rack heading for Brentwood

I have to wait another year, but boy will it be worth it. My prayers have been answered!

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