The Perfect Trifecta of Breakfast

I'm linear. And borderline OCD. But being aware of it makes for some amusing days.

Every morning I have the same thing. Corn Flakes, Granola, and Almond Milk. God forbid if we ever run out of any of these things. My wife has witnessed the panicked look in my eyes when we even get close to running out.

Because I pay attention to these things, I notice when I finish a box or carton. And I notice when I finish two boxes on the same day. But sometimes, perhaps more often than the odds suggest, I attain the perfect trifecta and finish a box of corn flakes, a box of granola, and a carton of milk all on the same morning. Yes, it is weird that I notice this. It is weirder that it makes me feel great for a whole day.

I also like finishing things. So when I finish all three things at once, I feel like I have achieved a rare prize, to be cherished and honored. And now that I have written about it, it will likely be ridiculed.

But that is the beauty of a pedestrian blog. I can write about the things of life that may be mundane to most but make my life a wonderful, if not weird, place. 

I only hope I get most of these out of my system before they come and take me away in a straightjacket….

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