The First Hello

A Kymberlee Post:

Driving out of our driveway at 1740 Whipple Avenue this morning on the first day of our new adventure, it 2012_0406_08-11-41 was both a final goodbye, and a first hello. Goodbye to our good friends who brought us coffee in our driveway to wish us bon voyage (thank you Simon and Nicole, Bonne, and the Sperrows) before we drove off this morning,  and “hello” to the unknown road and life ahead. This first day of travel ended with me (kymberlee) sitting on the “couch” (the backseat of our VW Eurovan) at Patrick’s Point State Park north of Arcata, CA. Our 6 hour drive up from San Fransisco was beautiful: all sun, no clouds 2012_0306_11-12-49through redwood forests, leaving us with ocean views at our campsite.

This whole van adventure, if you don’t already know, is an experiment for me in car camping, and practice co-piloting along with my adventure seeking husband. So far van camping is not so bad: the camper is warm inside, even though its 43 degrees outside. The van (or “Maroon Muffin”, as we named it) would be even more stylish inside if it weren’t for the 4 foot Bonsai tree we are hauling in the middle of the cabin area. That’s right: we are shipping a Bonsai tree back to my mom in Idaho that she bought when I was little and can’t part with. Apparently you can’t put plants in Pod containers or they die. What that means to our van ride has no cabin 2012_0306_20-32-57 room, no flip-up center table, and we have what looks like a giant wrapped E.T. head in our van. All this with Doodle in tow and we are traveling like royalty. This is a far cry from the image I imagined when Paul and I first discussed the idea of driving across country in a van. I thought I would have this luxurious bed in back where I could lie down in back, watch movies, and listen to tunes or sleep. I quickly realized I was going to have to say “goodbye” to that image and “hello” to putting up the back seat bed so we could pack our gear, and the Bonsai took over the rest. However, I do have to say that I think the Eurovan should be fun, I’ll let it keep growing on me. This is our first night so 2012_0306_19-42-36far, and its much more beautiful here than a roadside hotel could ever dream up.

I am looking forward to many more “hellos” in the next 15 days: hellos to surprise, joy, wonder, new experiences, and a chance to get to know my husband in ways I never could with all our busy schedules and the demands of parenting. I miss Evie, and I know Paul does too. I brought along her second blankie with me to think of her, pray for her, and somehow stay connected to her. We talked to her over the phone today, but she was distracted watching movies in grandma’s car somewhere near Grand Junction, CO. I’ll call her again tomorrow and hopefully we can Skype.

Its weird being in Humbolt county. I went to Humbolt State University for a year in 1989-90 to finish my 2012_0307_12-47-37 teaching credential, and haven’t been back in 22 years. Today we went to my favorite coffee shop and private hot tub place, Café Mokka.  The place hasn’t changed at all, but I’ve changed a lot. More later.

Gonna sign off for tonight…goodbye for now, more hellos again tomorrow. -Kymberlee

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