Catching Up and Damn the Weather

A Paul Post - 

I just spent the last hour and a half looking at ways to skirt some nasty weather coming our way. We're not exactly equipped to handle sub-freezing temps and ice, so we're looking at many options for the next weekend. What it means is that I'll likely miss my canyoneering opportunity in Utah, but so goes the vagaries of traveling in April in Utah. It might be 80 or 50, depending on the day. If things go as planned, we're off to Kodachrome Basin for tomorrow night, then on to Moab via another waypoint to be determined. We will likely not be able to post again until Moab. 2012_0306_19-49-53

Kymberlee's post captured some of what we're going through, and I'll hopefully catch up on things beyond logistics in Moab. But we stayed in Patrick's Point State Park the first night on the advice of a
local. Good pick, as the site looked over Agate beach and then to snow-capped peaks beyond.

2012_0307_16-25-46The second night was in Willow Creek in an RV park that shall remain nameless. Let's just say that it had some trailers that were way past their prime! Kymberlee visited her school where she did her student teaching as well as the restaurant where she used to work. Not much has changed in this part of California in 20 years, but that may be a good thing. 2012_0307_17-03-37

2012_0308_15-39-09The next day saw us leaving the coast and enjoying a great road along the Trinity River to Redding, then over the Cascades at Lassen (snow play time!), finally 2012_0309_07-50-59ending up a bit past Reno at Davis Creek Regional Park. Today brought us to the lonliest road, US 50, all the way to Ely. We had done this years ago on the way to Sun Valley, and somehow it seemed shorter this time.

Gotta close this up to get some hotel quality sleep, so thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing less logistical stuff next time.

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